So apparently I was in London Lite yesterday. Which is all very exciting and everything, appearing in the mainstream press – albeit that bit of the mainstream press that they have to give away – but I know this only because Jan mentioned it in the comments and on her blog (thanks, Jan). As far as any official notification goes … nada. When the London Informer featured this blog, they emailed me first and asked if I’d be interested, negotiated getting a picture and sent me a copy afterwards. In fairness, I had noticed in my stats that someone from Associated Newspapers had been wandering around in the site looking a bit lost and had got as far as the contacts page where they may well have tried to send me an email, but if so it didn’t arrive.

So here’s the question. Am I right to feel a little peeved at them going ahead with it without my permission? I haven’t actually seen the article itself but I’m guessing they’ve quoted entries from it (If they’re reviewing or recommending blogs and writing their own copy about the blog then it’s fair comment and not a problem). I do after all put all this stuff up on the internet for free, so can I complain when someone copies it and uses it as cheap filler in their paper? Well obviously I can, because I’m doing it now, but do I have a leg to stand on? Or should I just be happy about the exposure?

And here’s an announcement for any other media outlets wandering my way. I’m a complete stats-whore and will probably agree to any exposure of this blog that you wish to suggest. But I would like to be asked first. And if the contacts page doesn’t work or I don’t respond, see if you can crack the fiendish code protecting my email address on my about page.


10 responses to “Hmmmm

  1. The London Informer did it right. London Lite I wonder, you really need to see a copy don’t you.

    I’m a believer in common courtesies, besides which how long does it take to send a brief email.

    It’s been good to have you back this week. Have a good weekend.

  2. Would you like a copy? I still have the paper, it hasnt quite hit the recycle bin yet… its only halfway there!

  3. yes please! If you email me I could email you my address. It would be much appreciated …

  4. Oh and thanks Flighty, & have a good weekend yourself

  5. The article did a brief synopsis about what you write about and then lifted the How Not to Queue-barge entry you posted on the 7th Sept. When I read the article I had assumed someone had asked your permission first though!

  6. I just emailed you a not very good scan of the article.

  7. Thanks Sarah, and thanks Beate especially for scanning it in …

  8. I did look, but it was The London Paper I brought home, some lucky blighter on the way to Cambridge had the other!


  9. No problem – I have it now. Thanks anyway

  10. When you have had two pagesin the Mail on Sunday-on Easter Sunday no less-let me know but in the meanwhile welcome to the Big Time

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