On Me ‘Ead

You’ve got to hand it to those TheLondonPaper distributors – they’re keen. Now that they’ve got their pitch sorted out outside Vauxhall, stripy umbrellas and all, they seem to have seen off the London Lite people altogether. And they’re not letting anyone past without trying their best to hand them a copy of their rag – even me, on my bike. I supposed I could have taken it in my teeth …


4 responses to “On Me ‘Ead

  1. You made it into The London Lite tonight!!! Your blog was featured, and the heart-rending tale of the Smoothie customer who over took you!

    Way to go!!!!

  2. No way – nobody told me … (oops not very good timing writing about the London Paper instead)

    Anyone got a copy they haven’t put in the budgie’s cage yet?

  3. I was driving a coach from Eccleston Bridge to Buck Pal Road, busy traffic and on a green light and still some idiot tried to give me one on the corner! They seem desperate to get rid of them, are they that bad?! Not had chance to read one yet.

  4. Umm… if you like stories about c-list celebrities (and fine blog writing, apparently) they’re ok. If you were looking for any actual news you might be disappointed

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