Your Friday Infernoes

I don’t know where all the firebugs have come from these days. This morning no fewer than three police cars zipped past me on my way to the station – the police are a little jumpy about anything that happens in this area it seems, what with all the stabbings – to attend a small fire in Spring park. They were all busily buzzing around questioning the local vagrants and the local vagrants’ dogs by the time I arrived. The firemen seemed a little less worried about it – they had brought along their big fire appliance, but the actual fire fighting was being done by two firemen with buckets. And not even shiny red buckets with ‘FIRE’ written on them, but a couple of very ordinary looking tin pails. Is this another example of dangerous government cutbacks or just recognition that sometimes the old ways are the best ways?

And then this evening a trackside fire near Feltham was causing havoc with the timetables – or rather my intended train was ten minutes late. Ten minutes late was but a blink of an eye back in the old Silverlink days, barely worth worrying about, but it seems SouthWest Trains are made of sterner stuff. As the train finally pulled in and we got on the announcement came: in a novel bid to make up for lost time, it simply wasn’t going to stop anywhere between Barnes and Waterloo. The fact that most passengers on that train actually get off at Clapham Junction was seemingly irrelevant. The train must not be late, no matter what this does to the passengers on it. I’m beginning to think of adopting this tactic at work: ‘Sorry, your project was running a bit late, so I’ve just ditched half the requirements in order to catch up.’ What do you think, think it will work? It would certainly be nice if it did …


2 responses to “Your Friday Infernoes

  1. The fire was probably a training exercise! Three police cars seems very OTT but all too typical of the police. I think that itheir policy is all or nothing!

    The last paragraph seems almost surreal. Again I suppose that official policy has nothing to with passenger needs. Perhaps we should all start acting in similar fashion with official bodies. It would be chaotic fun to say the least.

  2. Somehow I don’t think sending in a half-completed tax return is going to get us very far … might be worth a try though…

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