I don’t know who sets  the bus timetables – a delegation from the Wee Frees maybe? – but I think they’re going to have to revise their Sunday provision to account for those of us who don’t spend our Sabbaths reading the bible and contemplating the end times. The other half and I tried to take a bus up to town yesterday to see the final stage of the Tour of Britain. We weren’t alone. There were several people waiting at the bus stop, and more to the point there were more people in the first bus that came along than the bus could safely hold so the driver wouldn’t open the doors except to let people out, which was fair enough. In the end we ended up walking rather than wait ‘eight to ten minutes’ for the next bus to come along and turn out to be just as full. Coming back, with the crowd from the cycle race plus the massed throngs who had attended the Regents St festival, not to mention the approximately 5 billion visitors to London and the usual crowd of shoppers and demonstrators and actual workers, it was the same story. First bus too full to get above 5 MPH, second bus along in rather a long time.

I know we don’t want to rush these things, but the Sunday trading laws have been deregulated since the eighties. Perhaps it’s time for the buses to catch up? Just a thought.

Meanwhile, in case any of you were wondering what I look like when cycling to the station every morning:

… just imagine the exact opposite of this and you’re about there.


9 responses to “Bus-ted

  1. Give them time, like another decade or two!

  2. I hate buses myself..

    Last year my mom lost her licence due to bad eye site and had to start taking the bus to work.

    She is only small and doesn’t have much of a stride you see.

    So obviously when the bus pulled up to the stop, it stopped a good distance away from the curb and my mom struggled to step up, and promptly fell over breaking her ankle.

    Did anyone on the bus, or the driver himself for that matter, get up and offer help?

    Nope he and the bus just drove off and left my mom crawling on the pavement in agony.

    Society is soo hatefull these days…


  3. Hmm, if they look like me even after a decade then they’re abusing the wrong hormones …

  4. Hyperion – that’s terrible. I hope your mum’s ankle recovered OK

  5. Opposite in inclination?

  6. more sort of opposite in general speediness lycra-cladding, fitness, and helmetting … and my gloves and socks never match my outfit like that

  7. So when I’m next in Vauxhall I should be looking for a woman with a beehive and bsutle riding a penny farthing backwards. I’ll bring the camera

  8. damnit. I told you not to give my identity away …

  9. You mean a determined, lycra-clad, thigh-pumping speed-demon tilting slightly to her left?

    Damnit, Olivia got there first.

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