Survey Says

I love being asked my opinion. Actually mostly I don’t wait to be asked (stop sniggering at the back there, I know who you are) and one of the great disappointments in my life is that, apart from a memorable occasion when I got to taste two different chocolate muffins*, I have never been stopped and surveyed in the street about anything.

So I was delighted to be contacted and asked not only to take part in an online survey, but to invite you lot to participate too. Ben Leach emailed me to say:

I am a masters student at the university of Sheffield researching the behavioural and psychological experiences of commuting. I have developed a questionnaire that aims to gather some of these thoughts and opinions, specifically aimed at the commuter who uses the tube and train to get to and from work.

The survey is here

You have until the beginning of October to fill it in. Go on, you know you want to. Sadly, there will be no muffins, but you do get the warm glow of knowing that you are helping someone with his research.

* The second one was much nicer.


6 responses to “Survey Says

  1. A long time ago I was stopped by a woman in the street who asked me if I was a “Green King” drinker. I said that I wasn’t. She told me that she was disappointed as I was an exact match for the mental image she had developed of the typical Greene King beer drinker. I suggested that as I was in school uniform she might want to give a bit more thought to her approach

  2. Moobs – your school uniform didn’t consist of tweed jacket with elbow patches, pipe, beard, corduroys and sensible shoes did it? Add a few straws in the hair and probably would fit the profile …

    And have you filled in the survey yet?

  3. If the survey was about biscuits then I’d be first in line to do it. Since it isn’t and I don’t commute by tube or train…

  4. Fair enough, you’re excused then.

  5. I wonder what would have happened had he simply taken his survey onto the tubes and trains and delivered it in person. Would he have survived?

    I don’t commute by tube or train, but I pretended otherwise and filled out the survey anyway. I have completed countless surveys under false pretences. It’s very easy to imagine commuting by tube and train, and how I might feel about it, even though I actually don’t. I suppose I did once.

  6. He seems to be doing his research from the safety of Sheffield, possibly for that very reason …

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