PC Plod No More

Right, well that’s the last time I feel guilty about cycling through Vauxhall Spring park on my way to and from the station. I’ve had a residual feeling of awkwardness about using the paths because, while it doesn’t say anywhere that you can’t cycle there, neither does it say that you can. (Back when I was at university, I was taught that the thing that distinguished our superior common law system from other Johnny-foreigner garlic munching type Napoleonic codes was the presumption under common law that anything not explicitly banned was assumed to be allowed. But somehow this doesn’t seem to apply any more these days, particularly once you get onto a bike). The park is a handy shortcut and it has wide tarmacked paths, but it is not the most salubrious of places and recently the police incident boards have become such a permanent fixture that they’re attracting their own graffiti and the police seem to be cordoning it off on a regular basis on Monday mornings after the weekend’s festivities. So I wasn’t bothered to see a couple of police-people patrolling it this morning: you can’t argue with more bobbies on the beat, now, can you? Except that these bobbies weren’t on the beat – they were in their nice warm panda car, driving up and down the paths of the park. Dixon of Dock Green it wasn’t. And it rather puts my cycling into a perspective.


5 responses to “PC Plod No More

  1. I’m sure that you wouldn’t have minded if they’d been on bikes!

  2. absolutely – then they’d have set the precedent …

  3. I loved Dicey: 600 odd pages of telling us to feel gald we weren’t French

  4. I would have thought one or two would be sufficient …

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