Churgled Once More

I suppose the nice young man couldn’t know, as he rang our doorbell, that I had the cable from the laptop inadvertantly wound round my foot. Nor could he know that I had taken out the battery a few months ago in order to save it from being trashed from repeatedly being topped up as it was plugged into the mains almost permanently. Nor, indeed, could he know that I had just spent 40 minutes typing something without saving it, nor that I would leap up in excitement at the sound of the doorbell (I live in hope that one day it will turn out to be something interesting), nor that I would yank the cable out of the back of the laptop with my foot. Nor could he know that I was about to give him and his charity collection very very short shrift indeed, although possibly the sound of someone coming down the stairs shouting ‘shit shit shit shit’ would have tipped him off about that in advance. Still, I now know that having just wasted the better part of the evening composing something only to have it vanish into the ether, puts you into exactly the right mood to get rid of doorsteppers, much quicker than the last time.

Next lesson: how to back things up as you go along…


11 responses to “Churgled Once More

  1. Oh dear…

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses are currently pestering me nonstop. You’d think they’d get the hint after the fourth time of ringing the doorbell and seeing me quite clearly through the window, sitting at my computer, ignoring them…

  2. That’s just spurring them on, probably. They like a challenge …

  3. Yes, damn them. They caught me unawares one morning – I was (just) awake but still in my pyjamas and thought they were the postman, otherwise I wouldn’t have answered the door. They managed to get my name out of me and everything, and have been coming back every few days since then. I’m now toying with the idea of inviting them in and playing with their heads a bit – just for fun, y’know…

  4. Don’t do it! Next thing you know you’ll be walking the streets knocking on doors without the faintest idea how you got there … Draw a pentagram on your front door instead and nail a couple of goat skulls to the frame … that should keep everyone out but the postman.

  5. Ooh, or a live goat, trained to headbutt intruders. That would have the added bonus of being really amusing to watch.

  6. I keep a”I gave blood sticker2 by my front door, plus I have a ultra friendly dog that wants to meet everyone.

  7. heh heh. While the dog and the sticker sound more practical, the live goat sounds more fun. Do you suppose they eat mice?

  8. I’m sure once it had finished munching on your prize petunias and your washing it would have a go at the mice. They’ll eat pretty much anything, goats.

  9. Perhaps I should just kill the mice and nail their little furry corpses to the door. That’ll keep even the postman out …

  10. What? along with the goats skull, sheeps blood and the pentagram you’ll definately get no visitors, even your neighbours might move out.

    Maybe you need to add barbed wire fences and raised machine gun posts, and a mine field…

    wonder if you need planning…

    Let me know.

  11. Oh boy, losing the neighbours would be a bonus, especially flat-screen telly guy. No room for the machine gun posts in our front garden (there’s barely room for my bike), but I’ll keep you posted about the barbed wire …

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