Google Me

I suppose that in these illiterate times when – if you believe the newspapers – all you need to do to get an English GCSE is to turn up (or to be an attractive blonde with a twin sister if you want an A*), it is encouraging to note that at least one of the disaffected youths of West London knows how to spell the word ‘vagina’. And can demonstrate the correct use of it in context (if ‘spunky wet …’ counts) – all without the aid of any spell checker or predictive text facility.

Of course I would have preferred it if he or she had not demonstrated this skill on the platform shelter of Kew Bridge station, but you can’t have everything.


5 responses to “Google Me

  1. Its a she. Male disaffected yuff spell vagina in four letters

  2. ha ha! Give the man another O-level (damn, showing my age there …)

  3. I’m only glad that said person isn’t my sister. She’d be straight off to Catholic boarding school if it were.

    When I was a kid, the only time that we said “vagina” was in biology class, and we used to giggle when we said it. Kids these days….

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