Question Time

I’m not commuting today – oh frabjous day – but rather than leave you all bereft, I thought I’d point out this. Basically, the managing director of SouthWest trains will be answering questions – live! online! – tomorrow for two hours. You can submit your questions ahead of time – their only stipulation is that you keep them brief (although I’m sure that questions along the lines of ‘is capital punishment justified in the case of people who use their telephones as televisions?’, while short and to the point, will probably be weeded out early on).

Personally I think these sorts of live online Q&A sessions are a bit old hat – the sort of thing middle-aged politicians get their junior assistants to pretend to do on their behalf to show how down with da kidz they are. Don’t they know that everyone who’s anyone blogs these days? Get with the program, Mr. Palmer …


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