Car v. Pedestrian

I was heading off to the station this evening when a colleague kindly stopped in his car to see if I wanted a lift. Looking at the state of the traffic on Kew Bridge, I decided it would probably be quicker to walk and so off he zoomed. At that point, I think a bit of a competitive streak may have kicked in on both sides. He was held up on the left turn from Kew Green onto the bridge while I found myself walking a little quicker to try and catch up, without ever actually breaking into a run. He got half way over the bridge while I was still climbing the stairs but got held up on the second half as the traffic queued for the lights. With three quarters of the way to go we were neck and neck and as I approached the junction I had edged into the lead, the lights were with me and it was looking like a clear win for Shanks Pony over Horsepower. But disaster struck – several cars turning left at the crossing, the lights changed, and he got away while I was still trying to find a gap. He almost got trapped at the yellow box by oncoming traffic but edged into the lead when I decided against a suicidal sprint against the rest of the lights. As I headed down the steps to the station he was ahead – but stuck in more traffic and looking to go nowhere. Had Kew Bridge station only been another 50 yards down the road, I’d have had him … Best of three, maybe?


5 responses to “Car v. Pedestrian

  1. Is this an outline for a new TV programme? I think that you copyright it just in case!

  2. Dude, for a horrible moment there I thought you had been hit by a vehicle. Phew!

  3. Flighty – you clearly watch way too much television

    Tomatopuree – not this time, fortunately. That would have been either a much longer or a much shorter entry …

  4. Just the opposite in fact. I watch very little nowadays, as I much prefer blogging and reading.

  5. Well at least you’re not watching it on the train …

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