So you See a Bus …

… and the bus is stuck canted across a junction with its hazards on, blocking several lanes of traffic in three directions. And the driver’s on his mobile to get help and there’s nobody else on board the bus and the bus is making that horrible ‘hnurrr nurrr nurrr nurrr’ noise that an engine makes when it’s not going to be starting up properly any time soon. What would you do? Well, if you’re the woman the other half and I saw this evening, you go up to the driver to ask him to let you on the bus. He was, in the circumstances, remarkably polite.

It’s always worth a try, I suppose.


2 responses to “So you See a Bus …

  1. I did something like that once… Broke down in a coach on a yellow box halfway through turning from Orchard Street into Oxford Street. At 5pm on a weekday. I’m sure most other vehicles think we stop in places like that for a break or something!

  2. At least with a coach you don’t get passengers trying to get on as well … or do you?

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