We All make Mistakes …

…And mine this evening was to commit myself to an empty looking set of three-by-two seats without first checking that it didn’t contain two small children with the worst case of the screaming fidgets that I’ve seen for a long time*. After they’d finished good naturedly but persistently beating each other up, the younger one proceeded to bounce off the walls, the window, his sister, the floor and any neighbouring adults who’d been foolish enough to sit within range. I considered appealing to his mother but she was sacked out in the corner and looked as though she needed the sleep. So I attempted to escape with dignity by offering my seat to anybody at all who got on the train and looked as though they might need one. Curiously enough all of them – young, old, carrying shopping, pregnant, merely fat – opted to stand.

You know how depressing it used to be to see the ‘back to school’ signs in the shops in the middle of August? No longer …

*Since about this point in the summer holidays last year, as it happens.


8 responses to “We All make Mistakes …

  1. …sorry, dint leave me name.

    thought it rude of me.

  2. not long to go then … (ha!)

  3. we’ll be glad to get teh young’un’s back to school. This way at least we have to deal with them all in an hour twice aday, rather than in dribs and drabs all day.

    Saw my first Chrsitmas stuff today too.

    How long before the Easter Eggs are back?????

  4. And the football’s started too … although I’m not sure it ever really went away

  5. Harrods opened their Christmas Shop round about the 8/8 (news reports the day after)

  6. … and if the weather this weekend is anything to go by, winter’s come early …

  7. Stayed in bed all weekend

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