Loop the Loop

Kew Bridge station is on a branch line – the not-very-evocatively named ‘Hounslow Loop’. This means that, somewhere between Barnes and Barnes Bridge station, my train leaves the main line, executes a sharpish right-hand turn and pootles off into the world of level crossings and unmanned stations and, crucially, four slow trains an hour. Passengers who get onto the Hounslow loop by mistake face either getting off and attempting to catch a train back to Barnes, or sticking with it and hoping that the loop brings them back round to Richmond and ultimately civilisation in the fullness of time.

Which is why it was nice of the guard this morning to apologise profusely on behalf of SouthWest Trains for the fact that passengers joining at Putney and Barnes had been misinformed by the platform indicators, and to let them know that this was a stopping service, calling at all stations via Brentford, and not the glamorous fast mainline service to somewhere important that they had been led to expect. What would have been ever nicer would have been for him to make the announcement while the train was still standing at Barnes with its doors open, rather than waiting until the train had pulled out of the station and was well on its scenic way. But hey, nobody’s perfect …


2 responses to “Loop the Loop

  1. Delighted you’re still so enthusiastic about the excellent and cheap LT service!

  2. It’s easier to bear when it’s not me that’s on the wrong train …

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