Positively the Last Mini-Bike Menace Post. Ever. Probably

Stepping out of a newsagent in the wilds of Palmers Green on the way to do my good deed of the, er, year, I was almost run over by not one but two youths sharing just the one ridiculously small bike. Is this the sort of sorry pass the youth of suburbia have sunk to? Sharing bikes? Can’t they just nick a second one? Out there in zone four, they don’t seem to have the least understanding of the rules of adolescent behaviour – one of them even muttered ‘sorry’ as I scrabbled around on the pavement trying to pick up the last of my severed toes*. Wouldn’t happen in zone one.

Meanwhile, can anyone lend us a cat?

* I may be exaggerating slightly


15 responses to “Positively the Last Mini-Bike Menace Post. Ever. Probably

  1. Be careful what you wish for…

    Kids need their freedom no explore and grow no doubts abou that, and today they have lsot ALLOT of what kids sued to have in the way of freedom and innocence to just “explore2

    BUT, bad behaviour leeds to ruloes getting broken, rules getting broken can lead to complacency in the face of law and rules, which in the end leads to regimes run by people called “Tony Blair”.

    Said regimes are bad, full of databases and CCTV networks and no freedom to do aquat let alone explore.

    Careful what you wish for…

  2. I have to ask the question don’t I! Just what do you want to borrow a cat for?

  3. ….on bikes

  4. I wish! No, under our cooker…

  5. You’d be better off buying an enclosed bait box which you just put on the floor near where you’ve seen them. The mice will be attracted to what’s in it then go back to the nest, go to sleep and never wake up.

    I reckon that it’s the best, and easiest, way to deal with them.

  6. Flighty – we have one of those humane traps and it’s now the only part of the house we haven’t seen any mice. So I don’t know if they’d take the bait. But it’s probably worth a try…

  7. So that’s where the Chavs have gone – thought 5 was a bit empty of yobs and yobettas

    No more bikes to pinch….

    As for cats – I got 2, but around my part of the world the Chinese get there first.

    Try the RSPCA.

    Have a nice week

  8. Ah, humane traps…

    You capture the mice in a nice gentle non snappy way, then forget to empty the trap and they starve to death.

  9. I have 2 cats, but they’re not very good at actually dispatching the mice. They tend to catch them in the garden, bring them inside to play with them and then lose them under the piano *sigh*

  10. Sarah – yes or the mice just laugh in the face of your humane traps and spend the night tapdancing in the kitchen, after which a slow painful starving death begins to seem fair enough

    Katja – I’m thinking more as a disincentive to the mice than actual extermination… They don’t want to come and play with our mice do they?

  11. Whats wrong with a long lingering death from poison? The word gets out and the relis stay away.

  12. Huttonian – it’s the long lingering decomposition of the corpse in an inaccessible point under the cooker that I worry about

    Tubedude – sorry, missed your comment. Your cats are invited to come and play too…

  13. Thank you, as the beneficiary of this year’s good deed. I even finished the hallway.

  14. yay!! Don’t suppose you’re any good at catching mice are you? How about the Babe?

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