Signs and Wonders

As in they put up signs, and we wonder what they mean …

A rash of giant yellow ears has started appearing at the various stations on my route these past few weeks. Kew Bridge has two, one on each platform (not, sadly, a left ear and a right ear though). I can’t think what they’re trying to tell us. They are stencilled in bright yellow paint on the platform in front of the ‘information point’ inside a box a metre square. What can it mean? My guess (given that there is also a line through the ear) is that it signifies something to do with hearing aid induction loops, but it could just as easily be interpreted as meaning ‘no large yellow ears allowed within this box’. Except for the large yellow ear that’s already there, of course

Rather less room for manoeuvre in interpreting this one, though:


This says, ‘Lambeth Council doesn’t really give a stuff about cycle paths, although it likes to pretend.’ There were only about three ways these bits could be put back together and this must surely have been obviously wrong. My two year old nieces can do more challenging jigsaw puzzles than this all by themselves. And it has been like this for months. If the council can’t be arsed to take their own cycle paths and the markings on them seriously, why on earth should we?


8 responses to “Signs and Wonders

  1. I’m sitting here shaking my head in disbelief and despair. As you say if they don’t care why should we. You should send that picture to the local paper and the councillor concerned.

    What always gets me is the sheer incompetence and waste by local and national government of our money.

    Sorry for the rant but I’m in grumpy old man mode today!

  2. I’m kind of thinking I should just go out there one night with a set of tyre irons, lever the covers off and rearrange them … the local paper headline could then read ‘Cycle path vandal does tens of pounds worth of improvements.’

    Probably not worth getting the criminal record for though …

  3. Seen that sort of thing a few times myself, like that cycle path, in different styles. No doubt the work of lazy contractors!

  4. But is it any harder work putting them back the right way round? Gah …

  5. But putting them back the right way round is far too easy…. That means they would actually be competent at their job, and by no means should that be allowed to be shown…

  6. You’d thinkg that sometimes, just through the law of averages, they’d get it right by mistake …

  7. You should send that one to the Warrington Cycle Campaign for inclusion in the Facility of the Month list.

  8. hee hee – good one (I like the tree hugger one). I don’t think this one competes …

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