If you don’t Like the Way I Drive …

So there I was, walking along, blamelessly exercising my right of way as a pedestrian who has already started crossing a side street, when I was forced to leap for safety to the pavement. It’s not that I’m not fully aware that roughly 98% of London drivers have never heard of this rule, but given that it was a BSM driving school car that was indicating the turn I took the chance on it containing at least one of the remaining 2%. Big mistake. Not only did the learner driver ignore me and turn anyway, barely slowing down, but one wheel actually mounted the kerb as he did so – although whether that was through poor vehicle control or a second attempt to mow me down, I couldn’t tell.

And his instructor? She was on her mobile phone.


13 responses to “If you don’t Like the Way I Drive …

  1. Phone them, you must! Do it for all of us!


  2. That’s appalling. Yet more proof that BSM really are rubbish. I took my test more than once *ahem* with BSM and on one of my tests my usual instructor couldn’t make it along on the day, so I had a replacement guy for the pre-test lesson. I failed the test (again) and, as he drove me back from the test centre, he castigated me for my gear changing, saying that it was far too slow. Look! he said, I’m in 5th gear already! I nobly didn’t point out the fact that he was in a 30mph zone in the centre of town and about to crash into the bumper of the car in front of him…

  3. You should have got her number (not something we can always think of, or have time to do, I realise) and reported her, if not to the police, then at least to BSM management.

  4. you’re probably all right, but I didn’t get the number, or even that close of a look at the the instructor… And would they care? My BSM instructor wasn’t too bad, despite being Italian, but a friend of mine sacked hers after he told her to try wearing ‘more feminine shoes’

  5. Update – I’ve emailed them through their website. They didn’t seem to have a special email or phone number for reporting near death experiences at the hands of their pupils so I sent it to their learner driver email. Will they respond? Watch this space.

  6. After failing with BSM a few times, I moved to a local independent guy, who was a right sleaze and who I detested. This particular instructor had a habit, when you were reverse parking or doing three point turns, of twisting round in his seat so that every time you went to change gears you would end up touching his leg. Ick. He also taught my brother and one day, when my brother was doing three point turns, this odious little man laughed about the way when he was teaching girls, he would do his twisting in his seat thing and they would end up touching his leg. Through gritted teeth my brother said, ‘you teach my SISTER…’

    Driving lessons became more bearable after that.

  7. eeeeuw. What an absolute creep… but I’m sure you dealt with it with numinous aplomb

  8. heehee! Oh yes indeed…

  9. My friend’s 17 year old brother was told to operate the clutch ‘as gently as if he was squeezing a woman’s breast.’ He stalled, of course. Maybe that was your Italian instructor?

    My own instructor made a sleazy comment to me on the last lesson before the test and I was so angry that I passed.

    (What does ‘numinous’ mean?)

  10. Gosh, Babymother, you mean you don’t know? According to my innately large vocabulary it means “that sense of awe-inspiring wonder, which one might feel in certain places or situations where one senses the presence of God or spiritual beings – the sense of ‘other-ness’ about the situation”, but the whole comment only makes sense if you read Katja’s blog

  11. It sounded great in the review even without knowing what it means – but once I looked it up I was even more pleased *polishes actor badge* Hi Diddly Dee, a Nunly life for me…

  12. I had a very good BSM instructor called Greg who was very responsible and very funny. I liked him too much and ended up having a huge number of lessons because I quite enjoyed driving about chatting. He eventually broke things off and I got a perfectly pleasant man who had the misfortune of breath so bad that it could only be accounted for by his actually eating shit. This motivated me to pass quickly.

  13. Moobs – so you think employing coprophagic instructors may actually be BSM’s sneaky strategy to encourage a higher pass rate?

    Anyway, as a final update, not only did I get an apology from BSM, but they said they’d reported the incident to the relevant area and general managers. If I had got a number they would have taken it up with the instructor concerned who could potentially have lost her franchise. So I’m almost glad I didn’t. I’m such an old softy at heart really.

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