More Mini Bikes

I honestly don’t try to theme my entries in this blog, but sometimes a theme creeps up on you, clanking slightly. Or in this case, overtaking me as I cycled through the park on the way to the station (look, I wasn’t in a hurry, all right?). This time it wasn’t a yoof bike but one of those ultra-portable folding commuter bikes with tiny wheels, being pedalled by a soberly dressed and only slightly ridiculous looking chap in a suit. Who hopped off his glorified roller-skate at Vauxhall, wheeled it into the underpass and chained it up – only pausing to take off the three foot long saddle post and saddle in case it was nicked. For the love of Mike, why? Why leave your bike in Vauxhall underpass if you can actually fold it up and take it on the train? Why ride a bike that makes you look like a sideshow attraction if you’re not going to fold it up? Is he trying to get it stolen? Is everybody in London doing everything for a bet?

I’m sorry, there’s just no rational explanation for this one. Especially given the fact that at the same time, on the same train, there was a guy lugging his full size, resolutely non-folding bike up the stairs and into the non-bike bit of the carriage. Which is not strictly verboten on that particular train, but all the same a considerably anti-social – bordering on the sociopathic – thing to do in the rush hour. Perhaps they could be persuaded to swap bikes?


4 responses to “More Mini Bikes

  1. I well remember the following call from my beloved:

    P: I rode my new bike today?

    M: All the way to work?

    P: No, just up to Clapham Common Tude station

    M: You took your bike on the tube?

    P: No. Don;t be ridiculous! I left it chained up outside the station and I’ll pick it up this evening.

    M: Er … I think that most unlikely, it will ghave been nicked hours ago.

    See if you can guess who was right?

  2. I’m guessing you were … especially if it was a brand new bike, as opposed to one that looks as though it had recently been fished from a canal, which is the disguise I use on mine

  3. All sounds very familiar. I had to take my (not so good looking) bike back to the bike shop 1 week after purchase (it was 2nd hand), and it appeared someone had already tried to steal it. Internationally, it seems bikes are wanted!

    Bet the guy could rival the ridiculous looking creatures here of pensioners who are cycling on pseudo-mountainbikes or the like. Very good to give you a smirk in the morning though!

  4. pensioners on mountain bikes? I think we could do with more of those here …

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