What Goes Around, Comes Around

There seems to be runaway inflation in the Kew Green area – the five pence in pennies that I had noticed earlier seemed to have miraculously transformed itself into a whole pound coin this morning. After wrestling with my conscience for all of thirty seconds (while checking discreetly with my toe that it wasn’t glued down) I nabbed it. This is clearly a case of positive pound karma – if it wasn’t actually being returned to me by the guy to whom I inadvertently lent it last month, then it must surely been dropped by the sort of person who doesn’t give total strangers change whenever they ask. In fact, now I come to examine it more closely, it does seem sort of familiar…

All of which is making it hard to write the sort of magnificently disgruntled post you were all no doubt hoping for after my week off. The powers that be had done their best: an interesting new one-way system in Vauxhall station this morning, the whole of Vauxhall Spring Gardens cordoned off by the police after ‘a fight outside the pub’ (begging the question why the park isn’t cordoned off every week given that it always looks as though a vodka hurricane has blown through it the night before) and a ‘quiet coach’ on the way home with an airconditioning system that sounded like an extractor fan crossed with a ball-bearing factory. Yet even taking all this into account, I still feel like I’m up on the day – the after effects of my holiday are clearly still lingering. Sorry about that. No doubt it will wear off eventually.

Watch this space


6 responses to “What Goes Around, Comes Around

  1. Not even a teensy bit of rage? Just a little?

    Very nice of that chap to return your poind I must say!

  2. I tried, Pete, I tried. Maybe tomorrow…

  3. It’s scary seeing you so calm.

  4. The calm before the storm. I’m rather unnerved.

  5. Well, its an ingenious way to remain anonymous whilst returning money! And a rare feat as such in London of course!

    I am going to have to start bracing myself for my return to London soon as well, although what with the standard of road users here, theres been enough stress and near collisions for the same amount in London…

  6. Moobs and Katja – you’ve got me all wrong. I’m actually a very nice, gentle, calm person. Honestly.

    Caatje – good luck with the return

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