More Fashion Advice

‘Help me,’ cried a squeaky voice causing me to look up from the day’s self-appointed important week-off task*. There, cycling round and round the park, unable to stop, was a young lad who had unwisely combined two of the youth-of-today’s inexplicable trends – enormously baggy trousers and teeny-weeny bikes. The bike, you see, had become caught in the ballooning trouser fabric and with his legs tangled up in them too, he couldn’t stop pedalling without falling over and was thus condemned to keep going in a prescient metaphor for the future rat-race his life would become: trapped by his own media-driven desires in an endless cycle of getting and wanting, until exhaustion set in and finished him off. Or at least until he worked out that it’s better if your bike-wheel diameter exceeds that of  the cuffs of your trousers. I suppose I could have helped him, but I was busy and it would have meant getting up and moving and doing something energetic.

Did I mention I was having the week off doing absolutely nothing, by the way? Hot, isn’t it?

*Keeping fully hydrated while sitting under a shady tree reading about the evils of soya, since you ask.


11 responses to “More Fashion Advice

  1. hahahaha

    did you stop to laugh at him?

  2. naturally. Although not too energetically, of course

  3. well, you wouldn’t want to wear yourself out

  4. Couldn’t you have picked him off with an air-rifle?

    Please don’t let soya be evil as everything P buys for me to eat is soya pretending to be something more palatable.

  5. I reckon you did pretty well lasting until today with the not blogging challenge!

    Yes you did mention it and yes it is hot! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  6. I have absolutely no sympathy for those who insist on saggy pants. Keep cool, Disgruntled.

  7. Sammy – absolutely

    Moobs – He was doing a good enough job incapacitating himself as it was. And be very afraid about the soya … Guardian G2 – I’m sure it will google up nicely

    Flighty – it was a struggle, but I made it.

    Nikki – I’m trying …

  8. Enormously baggy trousers are fine if you have enormously baggy legs.

  9. True, but then you definitely shouldn’t go on the teeny weeny bike in case you crush it flat …

  10. One blog all week! You’ll have forgotten how to when you restart. Have a good weekend.

  11. Flighty – we’ll see. I’m more worried that people will have forgotten about reading it …

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