That Friday Feeling

I don’t know what it is about Friday afternoons that encourages some drivers to leave their brains behind when they get behind the wheel. I also don’t know what would make a grown man drive a Nissan Micra, especially the ones that look like partially melted beach toys. Whatever it is, a brainless one in a beach toy decided to ignore the red light at Vauxhall Cross this evening only to discover that it wasn’t just there for pedestrians but also for the three lanes of traffic that were now bearing down on him and his little inflatable pedal car. One screeching of brakes later he was washed up in the middle of the crossing with pedestrians and cyclists flowing around him – although sadly none of us thought to come with a pin. I’m hoping his red face was due to embarrassment but I suspect it might have been more to do with the booze.

I’m taking another one of my go-nowhere, do-nothing holidays next week. I might blog; I might not. Watch this space


9 responses to “That Friday Feeling

  1. I like go-nowhere, do-nothing holidays nowadays. Anyway wherever you go, whatever you do have a good week. I’ll be surprised if you don’t blog!

  2. Ooh, now there’s a challenge Flighty – see if I can make it through the week

  3. Micras really are ugly little cars. I very much doubt, therefore, that the red face was due to embarrassment, as he evidently has no shame.

    Have a good week off šŸ™‚

  4. true – unless he was driving the car for a bet and trying to nip through the light before any of his mates saw him?

  5. Teehee! Thought of you just now. I’m rehearsing a play at the Arcola at the moment and the closest station is Dalston Kingsland. I went to the Silverlink website to check out train times for tomorrow and there was a notice saying that there were disruptions currently, although, ‘Services have now resumed but are subject to major disruption. Our rickets are being accepted on…’ Another one for my amusing typos file, methinks.

  6. i know a very content micra driver…

    on a seperate note, katja, i was in dalston, indeed at dalston kingsland. I’ve never been so scared in all my life. that place makes edmonton look like tellytubbyland.


  7. Katja – it’s well known that travelling frequently on the silverlink gives you rickets…

    Knobber – was it the smell?

  8. You could spend a few days sat in a deckchair by one of those yellow hatched junction boxes putting a bazooka to good use.

  9. Brilliant idea… I wonder how many micras I’d get before they dragged me away?

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