Yeah but No but Yeah …

Overheard in the newsagent this evening as I was trying to score myself a fix for my Mr. Tom habit before the train left, while the customer in front of me was trying to buy himself a monthly travelcard:

Newsagent: So do you want it starting today or tomorrow?
Customer: Today
Newsagent: Tomorrow?
Customer: Today
Newsagent: Starting today?
Customer: Yes
Newsagent: Not tomorrow?
Customer: No
Newsagent: Today?
Customer: Yes
Newsagent: You sure today?
Customer: Yes
Newsagent: Today?
Customer: Yes, today.

Whatever happened to the customer is always right? I thought I was going to miss my train…


13 responses to “Yeah but No but Yeah …

  1. Please, what is a Mr Tom habit?

  2. I’d like to know as well please.

  3. Nothing too sinister – just being hooked on these – full of peanutty goodness

  4. Mmm I like peanuts but don’t recollect seeing those before. I must look out for them.

  5. It took me ages to work up the courage to actually buy one. You find them in the odder sorts of newsagents, the kind that also do sesame snaps

  6. Oh yes! I’ve seen them, but never plucked up the courage to buy them.

  7. They’re really yummy when you get past the disconcertingly awful packaging – just peanut brittle basically. And a really short list of ingredients – not much more than peanuts and sugar.

  8. Newsagents Graaagh! I went to catch the 9:20 to Blackfriars the other day. He was convinced I should wait for the 9:50 and buy a cheaper travelcard. By the time I had finished justifying myself to him and paid I missed the farking train.

  9. mr.tom nice, i love it apart from havin it all stuck to your teeth after one bar……

    can i post this in overheared london community of livejournal with the reference to you of course, lol will send u the link tooooooooo…..

  10. Hannah – be my guest (don’t forget the link though)

    Moobs – should have just ripped his head off?

  11. Cheers, thanks Hannah

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