I was chatting over lunch to a colleague today who was a fellow Silverlink sufferer and now soldiers on alone. We swapped tales of misery past and present – the heat, the overcrowding, the purely notional attempt to stick to a timetable – and I took the opportunity to ask her if Dalston Kingsland still smelled, seeing as that was her home station. ‘Oh yes,’ she said – the culprit being apparently an open sewage vent right in the middle of the track. Not only did it still smell, but a few weeks ago it appeared to have caught fire – black smoke was pouring out of the vent, instead of the usual fragrant steam – which everyone (including the train drivers) dealt with in the usual way by pretending it wasn’t happening. After that, my complaint about SouthWest Trains’ air conditioning being too cold didn’t seem to gain me much sympathy – I can’t think why. Anyway I have solved this last by carrying a cardigan with me at all times in case I feel a chill, thus hammering the final nail into the coffin of my youth – forget middle aged, I’m becoming old …


8 responses to “Not-stalgia

  1. HEH middle aged woes huh, I feal your pain!!

    I hated turning 30, and im going hate even more this time round making it half way to 40

    Everyone say “Ahhh!”


    PS– There are some advantages to being middle aged however, doctors do start to take your complaints more seriously!

  2. Hyperion – I’m not sure that’s an advantage… as far as I’m concerned the doctors are there for dismissing the worst excesses of my hypochondria, not encouraging it…

  3. I know I’m getting old. The local radio station DJ keeps saying what classic music the 80s had… I turn 40 next year, and I remember the brilliant music of the 80s. The thirties were wonderful so fingers crossed the 40’s will be even better.

    I have also decided that I’m going to get old disgracefully

  4. tube dude – that’s the spirit. I’d decide the same but whatever growing old disgracefully may consist of, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve cardigans …

  5. No cardigans, but maybe I can get my own back on Little Legs, as far as changing nappies goes, only there called something else and are far bigger…hahaha

    I’m going to be one of those pensioners who is the loudest drunkest, fartiest sod there is! and yes, I’ll probably smell of wee too!

  6. you sound as though you’re looking forward to it.

  7. what else in life is there to lookforward to. A new goverment that tells the truth??

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