Another Bombing …

… another morning spent sitting on one train while reading about death, dismemberment and horror in another not so very different train …

I can see why the terrorists like to target us commuters. We’re nicely packed in to confined spaces, we deliberately don’t notice anything that’s going on around us and there’s so many of us that when a bomb goes off in a train in our city the feeling that ‘that might have been me’ affects almost everyone – a difference of an hour, or a day, or a few hundred yards doesn’t seem like much. But on the other hand, I wonder if the terrorists aren’t getting it wrong when they target us. Sure the immediate impact – in terms of terror and corpses and, as the paper had it this morning, ‘scattered body parts’ (did the Guardian refer to body parts when it was London that was attacked?) – is high. But even this morning the travellers were trickling back onto the trains in Mumbai and in a week or a month you can bet that the impact on traveller numbers won’t even be detectable. Shoppers can stop going to shopping centres, revellers can stop going to holiday spots and night clubs, but commuters can’t stop commuting. Apart from the odd (very odd) few who actually like being crammed onto trains in rush hour, most of us are on those trains because we have to. And not to diminish the courage and defiance of those of us who get back on them as soon as the dust has settled, we also do it because we must. Because we don’t want the buggers to win, sure, but because we need to keep our jobs. And that’s what makes this kind of atrocity so bloody pointless and depressing. And that is why it’s the last I’ll say on the subject, at least until the next time some fanatic with a bomb decides the travelling public are a suitable medium for expressing his political opinions.


4 responses to “Another Bombing …

  1. yes, good point – just goes to show how mindless ana ct it is. They’re just not thinking – it’s all about the effect – much like a tantrum but with deadlier consequences. Vile, vile people.

  2. Unbelievable isn’t it. I can’t grasp in me how anyone can do that to people. Sickening.

  3. It’s not about the faceless, expendable people on the train though – it’s about trying to bully governments. By killing as many people as possible they force those in power’s hands – or they hope to, anyway. Horrible.

  4. yep all true and all good points – there’s just not that much more to say …

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