Put Away More Flags

Something was missing on my ride to and from the station today – the flags. There were a few still clinging to the balconies of flats and in the windows of pubs but apart from the odd die-hard white van, the rest of them had gone. Even the Portuguese flags which had been cropping up here and there around us had vanished, possibly in self-defence. The few that remained were looking faded and ragged enough to suggest that nobody was expecting us to last even this long in the tournament, at least not in the quality control departments of the Chinese flag factories. I was never too keen on the things – apart from anything else, the nation’s fuel-efficiency must have taken a serious hit in the last few weeks with every other car bearing at least two – but now they’re gone I find I rather miss them. Ah well. There’s alway Euro ’08.


5 responses to “Put Away More Flags

  1. ah well, cant say i’d miss all the german flags round here.

    cant wait for them to be gone

    4 each car, one each window is just a little bit too much

    and quite intimidating

    apart from that, let’s see who sets out to win the euro ’06 ooops world cup ’06, I’m in for france or germany.

  2. World cup … it’s over here, as far as most people seem to be concerned…

  3. Gee, thanks Euro ’08, then it’ll be the world cup again, followed by both the world cup and the Olympics.

    Has NASA started that reuglar service to the moon, maybe that way I can escape the endless sport.

  4. just wait till the olympics comes to London …

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