Steal this Other Book

v. 1 Just kidding, please buy it instead …

Tales of the Decongested is a monthly short story event in London where authors read their stories to an excited audience not entirely made up of their own friends and familiy. They’ve just brought out a book of some of the best from the first two years with fantastic stories – including a stonker from Ali Smith – some wierd, some wonderful, some funny, some serious, and one by me possibly due to an administrative error on the part of the publishers. Not only that but you’ll be able to download some of the stories in podcast form* And of course you can still attend the readings themselves or even send in your own stories and have a go yourself. Go on, you know you want to make a fool of yourself in front of everyone. After all, I did. And I’m a notorious chicken.

If you do buy the book (and I recommend you do), once more those of you who just know me by my sparkling prose rather than my name will have to guess which one is mine. As with the last one if you manage to guess which one is mine, email me via the blog and if you’re correct I will personally deface your copy of the book with my signature thereby halving its value.

* formerly known as an audio recording but we try and keep up with the times here on Disgruntled Commuter


6 responses to “Steal this Other Book

  1. Will do! Or rather I’ll order a copy or two for the bookshop and read it when it’ s not busy.

  2. Fantastic – I hope you have as much success with this one as with the first one. And I hope Feathers is enjoying her read …

  3. Would having met you count as cheating with regards to guessing your name?

    Oh, I’ll buy a copy anyway.

  4. Definitely cheating. But you’re still alowed to email me and say how much you enjoyed my story…

  5. That’ll do nicely, Steve

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