Firmly Wedged

Here’s a sight to cheer a cyclist up on a rainy Monday morning – a lorry whose driver had misjudged its ability to negotiate one of the tight bends in the back streets around Vauxhall and was now blocking four roads in one go. As I threaded my way past, the driver was climbing out to assess the situation, which appeared to be roughly that of the sofa in the staircase at Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: not only was it going to be impossible to get it out, but it appeared to be only through some subtle warping of the space time fabric that it had got itself there in the first place. I could see there was about to be a prolonged episode of delicate manoeuvring, possibly with the ‘help’ of any passing male with time on his hands who fancied standing in the street shouting ‘left hand down a bit’ for half an hour, before anything wider than, say, a bike was going to be able to get past that particular obstacle. And I suddenly felt a whole lot better about being on a bike instead of in a nice dry car, wet knees or no wet knees.


8 responses to “Firmly Wedged

  1. Bikes are truly the way forward. Irritating car drivers by whizzing past while they queue is so much fun.

  2. yep – even (just) in the rain. Especially when you’re me and the alternative is walking …

  3. bikes are great

  4. Dirk Gently, great reference 😀

    I love your writing style

  5. Hannah – thanks … my style probably owes more than a little debt to the master, Douglas Adams himself …

  6. i noticed the sarcastic tendency in your entries, and now i know what they remind me of and why i enjoy reading them. He was an amazing author.

  7. Sarcastic, me? Surely not …

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