Another Terror Strike Averted

Well I hope you lot realise how I suffered in order to get my fancy-schmancy new banner image on the top of this blog. Not only did I have to dice with death on the railway lines, dodging trains and trying to work out how to write ‘disgruntled commuter’ while hanging upside-down over a bridge, I also got spray paint all over my new top…

…No, no, of course that is NOT TRUE. I don’t have a new top. Oh all right, I admit it, I just photo-shopped the graffiti in. Vandalism is wrong. And also quite nerve-wracking, I would imagine. But I did get some rather wierd looks as I wandered about in Lambeth taking photographs of trains. And as I stood waiting in a back street for a train to come along over a particularly fetching looking viaduct, a van pulled up beside me and a voice demanded to know what I was doing.
‘Are you photographing that bridge?’ he asked. I looked over (missing the train I’d just waited five minutes for … story of my life) and saw a Lambeth Council van.
‘No, just a train,’ I said, neglecting to point out that bits of the bridge would be in the picture too.
‘Oh, well that’s all right then,’ the guy said and drove off.

What did he think I was doing? I always thought my mild paranoia was just that, paranoia. Now I know. Act at all oddly and they really will think you’re a terrorist…


7 responses to “Another Terror Strike Averted

  1. I do like the new, and very appropiate, heading. Well done. I hope that you’re having a good weekend away from the blogging.

  2. Glad you like it. Having fiddled with photoshop for about an hour, I was beginning to think just getting up and painting the graffiti directly onto the bridge would have been easier … or bribing someone to do it for me. But that would be wrong

  3. I do wonder at how some graffiti is done seeing as how it is in the most surprising locations.

  4. TOX seems to be back around Kings Cross area

  5. Frightening thought. That header’s fantastic – well done.

  6. Gosh, that looks great!

  7. I rather miss TOX having moved to South London. Looking out for the first ‘tox’ of the year was the nearest we got to a seasonal treat in Hackney. I thought about putting an ’06 in on the graffiti in tribute but then I’d have to redo it every year …

    And thanks Oink & Katja – it does look quite spiffy, doesnt it? & it’s one of Pete’s layouts (I felt very brave going into the ‘expert’ section).

    Flighty – I don’t know how they do it either. I expect being 15 and thinking you’re immortal may help

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