The Week Gets Longer

It’s beginning to look a little pointed. I had to leave extra early today to allow for not being able to cycle to the station and to renew my weekly ticket but I hurried out of the house and walked as quickly as I could and made it with a few minutes to spare before my usual train was scheduled to depart, only to discover it had been cancelled. Again. Due to – according to the excusometer – a shortage of carriages. Can’t argue with that, right? I can hardly expect SouthWest Trains to run a train it didn’t have, now can I?

Hmm. Except that there was an extra non-stopping empty train running through the station this morning. At exactly the same time as my normal train, looking suspiciously like my normal train*, but whizzing through to other more glamorous destinations to pick up other more important passengers than us. Carriage shortage my foot. They really are out to get me.

* and before you counter that they all look the same there are differences in the rolling stock and, sadly, I can now tell them apart.


4 responses to “The Week Gets Longer

  1. It looks very like it’s going to be one of ‘those’ weeks, I’m sorry to say. Console yourself by thinking that at some stage you’ll have a really good week to counter this one.

  2. And at least I’ve got something to blog about …

  3. Don’t get me started on the crappiness of rail and tube travel….grrr….too late. I know of no other service where you pay such a massive fee to be herded into substandard and overcrowded death buckets with draconian and intimidating “revenue protection officers” (‘ticket collectors’ as they were once called) – typically not getting a seat – to be dropped off at random destinations or not picked up/dropped off at all and expected not to complain because it’s “wrong to intimidate the staff” – how about “voice my disapproval to your representative”? The Victoria Line in rush hour is a tragic headline waiting to happen and that’s without the need for bombers. There are no waste bins on any station (in case bombers use them) but you can get fined 200 pounds if you drop litter. Why are there not people to whom you can hand your food wrapper or are you really expected to cart about with you on your unexpectedly detoured and extended stand-up and sweat journey? Grrr…don’t get me started.

  4. Hello IanB, I think you’ve found your spiritual home … welcome to my world

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