A Tale of Two Climates

Yesterday I made the mistake of taking the tube in the evening – only for three stops, but this was after having walked from Pimlico to Westminster on the mistaken belief that when the local information map said ‘Westminster 800m’ it meant 800 metres and not something like 800 nautical miles. So I was a little hot and flustered and unhappy when the tube pulled out of the station, got well into the tunnel and then stopped so we could all have a quick sauna. The problem was I had dressed for the weather as it was at 7am in the morning (grey, cold and raining) and not as it was twelve hours later (gas mark 5). Apart from the woman opposite me who looked just as damp and ruffled as I was, everyone else seemed to sit there as cool as a cucumber. What is it with you tube people? Do you have special anti-thermal underwear that lets you sit there wearing a jacket and reading the newspaper instead of dripping on it? Are you keeping your pants in the freezer? I’d say we should be told, but on second thoughts, keep it to yourself.

Then this morning I dressed for yesterday’s weather and found that SouthWest Trains had set the thermostat on their air conditioning all the way down to ‘icy blast’. Fortunately they compensated this evening by giving us a surprise short train, so we could all huddle together for warmth …


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