Sodding Typical

Of all the weekends to spend in a windowless meeting room, I think the one just gone was the worst. I flew into Edinburgh on Friday for what has been the least well timed weekend workshop of my life to date and was relieved to see it sitting under its own personal little hat of grey cloud, but even in Edinburgh the haar has to clear eventually and this has been an absolutely gorgeous weekend. And I believe there have been some sort of sporting events going on as well. Naturally, now that it is Monday and everyone else has to go back to work too, it is raining.

Still at least I got to walk in yesterday down streets that had been closed to all traffic – we pedestrians had been given the temporary freedom of the city. Edinburgh was limbering up for its marathon and apart from a few bikes and speedy racing wheelchairs, the world was on foot. And as I disappeared in to the gloom of my meeting and left the bright sunshine behind, I had the comfort of knowing that several thousand people were going to be having a worse Sunday than I was …

Back to London, and normality, tomorrow.


5 responses to “Sodding Typical

  1. The what has to clear eventually?

  2. You are lucky to be a pedestrian in Edinburgh. Try Jordan for an downlifting experience

  3. menace a haar is a fog or mist with a chill wind.

    disgruntled you certainly do pick’em!

  4. That’s a sublime noun. Perfect in every way.

  5. stands for horrible air all around, according to my aunt …

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