Swing Both ways

Ladies! Ever fancied a bit of lipstick lesbianism but not wanted to commit yourself to a lifetime of short hair and sensible shoes? Chaps! ever wanted a bit of Brokeback Mountain action but never mastered the art of hair gel and disco dancing? Look no further… For a no holds barred, no obligation experience of being groped by one of your own: may I recommend the Belfast Airport security team? Not that I wish to question their own orientation, but just enter the airport looking a little shifty or with some metal about your person and prepare yourself for a very thorough pat down. Very thorough indeed. Especially the bit around the inner thighs.

And the verdict? Well let’s just say from my point of view, I’m simply too ticklish to be patted down by anyone … I’m not sure if squirming & giggling made me look more suspicious, or less…


5 responses to “Swing Both ways

  1. The spammy thing says homoi. I thought it was funny considering the content of your blog.

  2. Haha! Maybe you got an extra-special pat-down because you seemed to be enjoying it so much…

  3. you’re lucky they didnt charge you for the service.

  4. I think squirming and giggling would put you firmly in the Brokeback Mountain camp (no pun intended).


  5. Its deja vu all over again. This happened at Belfast before and I think it was the chap did the patting?

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