What I Did on my Holidays

Ah yes. Remember how in the future we were all going to fly to work every day like the Jetsons? Well I have seen the future and it sucks. You see, having gone to so much effort to go overland to the Pyrenees at Easter, due to a monumental scheduling cock up I actually had to be in attendance at a presentation in Sussex today despite also simultaneously having to be on holiday in Northern Ireland. (un)fortunately EasyJet and their ilk have done enough to make flying back and forth between Belfast and Gatwick almost affordable (compared to say a non-Oyster peak rate zone one ticket) and almost convenient. So, like Mr. Jetson, today I flew to work and then flew back again. Although I don’t remember anywhere in the cartoon that Mr. Jetson had to get up at 5:30 am or spend any time sitting next to a child squirming with boredom in the departure lounge, or take his jacket off to go through security or have his photograph taken on arrival at Gatwick. Easy Jet have done their best to make it a bit more like proper commuting – they have the same trick SouthWest trains have of not admitting their services are late until a good fifteen minutes after the plane was supposed to have left, and they have perfected the ‘blame the passenger’ excuse for any late running (such as not being psychic enough to guess the gate in the nano-second it took to go from ‘wait in lounge’ to ‘final boarding you idle bastards’) and not, say, the fact that they had scheduled in a seven-minute turnaround.

Still, I got there, made it for the presentation, got asked precisely 0 questions and got back. And now I should probably go and plant some trees.

PS please pay no attention to the state of this blog. I haven’t had a chance to tidy it up after the platform change and it looks as though half my favourites are missing…


2 responses to “What I Did on my Holidays

  1. Enjoy the rest of the week. I look forward to seeing a tidied up blog although it’s the content which is important, and which in your case is always excellent.

  2. Rebecca – that certainly doesn’t sound like a pre-recorded announcement

    Flighty – this new platform is taking some getting used to … it might take me a while

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