Make Yourself at Home

Actually, don’t.

It’s only the first of June, it’s not particularly warm, and yet I’ve already seen my first barefoot train passenger. To be strictly truthful she wasn’t actually walking around barefoot: she’d clearly got on at Waterloo, kicked off her shoes, and made herself comfortable – bag on the seat beside her, fat stubby little feet on the seat opposite, headphones clamped on her head and mulish expression bolted onto her podgy face. Look, tell me if I’m being a touch old fashioned here, like complaining about women in trousers or men who don’t take their hats off indoors, but should there not be a difference in how you behave at home and how you behave when you’re out and about? The feet on seat battle has long been lost I suppose, and it’s hard to object* to that unless you wanted to sit on the seat yourself (not something I was going to contemplate having seen her grubby toes on it), but bare feet seems to be taking it a step too far. Of course I said nothing, although I gave her a speaking look – and she gave me one back that roughly translated as ‘f&*# off’…

I will be posting rather infrequently for the next ten days or so. We’re off to Northern Ireland for a week with the in-laws and I’ll be competing for dial-up computer time with another prolific blogger. And if you notice this blog looking a bit odd or going password protected for a while, it will be due to 20six finally implementing its long-awaited platform change. I’ll try to get it back to normal as soon as possible but it might take me a while. Be patient, and keep checking back to see how I’m getting on.

*Except on this blog, of course, that’s what it’s for


2 responses to “Make Yourself at Home

  1. Computer free, dial up and all between 2 and 3 am

  2. If you’re resigned to feet on seats, then shouldn’t you prefer bare feet to shoes? Bare feet ought to be a lot cleaner than the soles of shoes.

    As long as there are no stinky bunions, gnarly verucas or unkempt toenails involved, then I’m laissez-faire when it comes to public displays of ankle-down nudity.

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