Vote Early and Vote often

What to do on a sunshine-and-showers bank holiday? It’s 11:30, it’s just stopped raining, the other half is downstairs trying to explain the rules of cricket to his parents. Even that, though, is not going to occupy the entire day …

Personally I think we should go play with the tube’s opinionmeters. As usual I’m behind the curve on this – I’ve seen them around but have always been in enough of a hurry not to have time to go play. Apparently last month they were asking about security – this month they are asking about the temperature*. We had a go with the one in Lambeth North yesterday on our way home – how did we feel (slightly warm). How would we like to feel (slightly cooler) and what were we wearing (a jacket – the machine refrained from telling us to take the wretched thing off then).

Now this is dangerous. Basically we’re putting decisions about our transport system into the hands of people who have the time and inclinaiton to go press buttons on a machine in a tube station. Do you really want the temperature in your tube to be determined by a bunch of tourists, bored teenagers and five year olds fired up from a trip to the Science museum? I didn’t think so. Obviously none of us real commuters has a chance to put our two pence worth in on a normal day, but now’s our chance. Go out there and vote, before they raise the fares, cut the service and air condition the hell out of whatever’s left. All based on what the public want, you understand …

*I never knew London Transport was to blame for the weather as well, but there you go


One response to “Vote Early and Vote often

  1. If you can’t make an explanation of the rules of cricket last all day you are (a) not really trying and (b) you have left something out-perhaps the bit bout how many cakesyou can eat in the commentary box when Sri Lanka have lost 3 wickets in their first innings and short leg is on the long leg boundary with 6 fielders inside the circle.

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