A Nightmare Journey

I had to get up to Edinburgh by train this morning so I took the coach to King’s Cross and, as we drove into the station, saw the incoming train which was just arriving was being towed in by a large tractor – which was not a good sign. I had a huge backpack with me, and by the time I’d manhandled it off the coach and got to the platform the GNER train had been transformed into a Silverlink and only staff member on the platform – who bore an eerie resemblance to the mad Scottish woman from Green Wing – merely burst into peals of manic laughter when I complained. Then, of course, I woke up and realised that I’ve either got to start eating less cheese or I’ve got to find more interesting things to worry about.

The nightmare may become a dream come true next week (although probably not the bit where you can get a coach right onto the concourse of Kings Cross, because that would actually be useful) as SouthWest Train drivers from Waterloo are planning industrial action on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m only working three days that week, and they’re striking on two of them. Fan dabby dozy. I can’t find any explanation anywhere of what the strike’s about so I shan’t say anything more about it than that – but it had better be something serious…

Have a jolly good Bank Holiday weekend one and all and don’t get washed away in the drought.


6 responses to “A Nightmare Journey

  1. Sod’s law says that the other day will be even worse than those two, and please don’t blame me if it actually is!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. and with that thought …

  3. Apparently the strikes are something to do with SWT no longer providing taxis for train drivers on late night/early morning shifts…!

  4. Ah yes. ’tis here

  5. I did wonder what you were doing in Edinburgh. It all became clear. Now I have some quesions about Oyster cards, when you’re ready (such a useful service you provide there!).

  6. what was it that tipped you off? The train being towed by a tractor? The enormous backpack?
    Ask away …

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