Rain, Rain, Go Away…

…come again when we don’t have the in-laws to stay.

I know, I know, we’re supposed to welcome the rain due to the ‘drought’ we’re having and all, but I wonder if the water companies can call off their rain dances at least during the weekends and if possible during the morning rush hour as well? How much more rain do they need? I promise to stop running the tap while I brush my teeth, if that’s any help. The problem is not so much the getting wet and cold while cycling in, which is bad enough, nor the sitting on the train in damp clothes, which is worse, but it’s the journey home that’s the real killer. If anyone knows of a nastier sensation than trying to put on a pair of still-damp cycling gloves that have spent ten hours in the pocket of a still-damp cycling jacket, can they please keep it to themselves.

Meanwhile, any suggestions on how to explain to our visitors that even though we’re suffering the worst drought since records began/the last one*, the other half had to meet them at the airport with matching his’n’hers umbrellas?

* delete as applicable


7 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away…

  1. I think it’s something to do with leaky pipes and not collecting enough of the rainfall in the first place. Oh and because we’re British and can’t get anything right.
    This has to be the wettest drought on record. I just hope we’re not competing with the Sahara.

  2. Ah so that’s ‘drought’ as in ‘dire shortage of competent water companies’ not ‘drought’ as in ‘dire shortage of water’ …

  3. Worry not. When the in-laws visit Norn Iron the can be assured of warm dry weather.And the Pubs will be wet. No Drought but lots of draft

  4. warm dry weather? In the island where ‘a grand soft day’ translates as ‘it’s not raining very hard’?

  5. I’m sure the matching umbrellas weren’t necessary.

  6. Still damp cycling shorts and socks that have been rolled up in a pannier all day.

  7. Eeuw, that really is gross. I said keep it to yourself

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