Cutting it Fine

I was getting worried. The cycle ride down to the station went smoothly, there was space to lock up my bike, the train came in bang on time with its air-conditioning nicely adjusted to a comfortable ambient temperature. It wasn’t too crowded, the lights were with me at the crossing at the other end and I got into work if anything a little earlier than normal. Coming back I got the nice long train, there was plenty of space and I managed to get on the carriage that stops just next to the steps down from the platform at Vauxhall. My bike was still there, not double-parked, the temperature was perfect for an evening’s cycling, and the lights, once more, were with me on the crossing.

This is bad, I thought. What am I going to blog about now? And then I turned into the almost-last-but-one street, the one they’re putting the speed bumps in to, and cycled along happily savouring that Friday feeling … right into the barrier that had been put across the end of the road without any indication at the other end of the road it had been transformed into a cul-de-sac. And this was all they had done. A barrier, no sign of any work, no sign of any road workers, and no sign of any sign.

So I cycled on the pavement. Sorry. Sometimes it just has to be done.


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