A Very Private Function

I mistimed things a bit this evening and got one of the short trains instead of a long one which meant ending up in the prime seat in the carriage: right next to the toilet. But I was doing better than the gentleman who got on behind me – he had no seat at all. Which was a shame because he’d come all prepared to enjoy himself with an open bottle of beer and a slightly dodgy-looking hand-rolled cigarette. Still, nothing daunted, he helped himself to the one remaining seat left on the train – the one with a rather harder seat than normal, and a bit of a whiff, but which also came with a nice lockable door. He stayed in there making muffled clunking noises until Clapham Junction when he emerged,sans beer and cigarette and looking refreshed. Which is more than can be said for the people on the outside, waiting to get in.

Must have been one of those invitation-only affairs…


5 responses to “A Very Private Function

  1. It comes to something when you have to spend your whole journey on the toilet.

  2. better that than spending the whole journey outside the toilet, trying to get in …

  3. Or standing in the loo doorway doing his thing out?

  4. indeed

  5. Oh my. That’s incredible.

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