Hooray Hooray the First of May

Well, actually the 9th, but what’s a few days between friends? Very good friends in this case – I was heading down the tunnel into Vauxhall tube this morning and was startled to note that there was not one but two heads poking out of the usual mound of blankets and sleeping bags where the homeless guy sleeps. There were also some squelching sound effects suggesting snogging going on. At least, I think it was just snogging – I didn’t stop to hear any more. By the time I’d got my weekly season ticket and was heading back the girl had emerged (fully dressed) and was standing up and yawning while the guy was still lying there looking sleepy and as though he’d been woken up a bit too early. Probably not so very different after all from any other couple’s morning routine – except that most couples don’t have to get up with hundreds of people hurrying past them, all determinedly pretending that they don’t exist.

Personally, I blame the classical music they’ve been playing in the station these past few months. Think about it – you’re young, you’ve had a couple of cans of Special Brew, it’s late, the lights are dim, and somebody’s playing Vivaldi … what would you expect them to do?


2 responses to “Hooray Hooray the First of May

  1. I suppose telling them to “get a room” would either be inappropriate, or just the opposite; either way it would be funny.

  2. I never think of these things until it’s too late …

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