Dishevelled Commuter

It would have been perfect blog material: someone repeatedly getting on and off the train as it waited at the platform at Waterloo, then walking endlessly back and forth past a door, then standing staring at an out-of-use bus stop. The only snag was the someone was me, and the reason why I was making a spectacle of myself was to get a photograph of me that could be used to illustrate the blog without either giving away my identity or frightening the horses. Fortunately the other half has a super-duper new digital SLR which looked professional enough to give our antics the air of a real photo shoot, and of course everyone at Waterloo studiously ignored us anyway. This is London, after all.

I needed a photograph because one of London’s free sheets (The London Informer) wants to feature the blog, and I’m enough of a stats hound to agree, even though they wanted a name and a picture that’s ‘recognisably of a real person’. The other half and I spent a bit of time thinking about what might work, planned some possible locations, and then took some time out of elephant hunting in London to take the pics this afternoon. Once I’d got over the feeling that this was more the sort of thing I’d blog about than do, it was quite fun, although next time I think I’ll remember to brush my hair first.


5 responses to “Dishevelled Commuter

  1. Well done on getting your blog into print. I’m sure that the readers will find it as entertaining as I do.
    Did you find the elephant?

  2. Gosh, how exciting! Wasn’t the elephant marvellous? I happily spent 4 hours following it around in the rain yesterday.

  3. Flighty – yes, it was difficult to miss.
    Floaty – indeed, marvellous although after a while I became more interested in the mechanics and the puppetteers than the elephant… it looked like hard work.

  4. Be careful with the print thing and at all costs avoid the Mail on Sunday

  5. I shall. If an entirely fictional peacock turns up I’ll let you know …

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