Golfing for Cats

A word of advice for all you chaps out there, particularly you chaps who like to go golfing and read golfing magazines in public. When you get to the part of the magazine where (I am told) they give you hints and tips on your swing, particularly your putting technique, try and refrain from trying it out then and there on the train platform however tempting it may be. You see when young(ish) ladies with indelicate minds stand next to you, and see you holding your magazine down at crotch level with your hands underneath it *ahem* fiddling about, they are apt to get the wrong impression. And even when they have worked out what you are doing, it still looks a bit rude.

Just so you know


6 responses to “Golfing for Cats

  1. It’s never been my game.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Its all in the mind of the beholder-honi soit qui mal y pense-to coin a phrase. If the youngish ladies were golfers they would know what side is up-to coin another*
    enough coined phrases! Visiting Blog-ed

  3. He was probably embarrassed about reading a golf magazine in public and wanted you to get the wrong impression. I know I would.

  4. Wait, that sounds wrong.

  5. hmm … golfer or fiddler, which is worse?

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