Blink and you Miss It

Is it just me, but wasn’t there once a fourth season? One in between Oh My God, is that Snow and Heat Wave Delays Tube Trains? You know – fluffy lambs, tulips, sunshine and showers, that sort of thing. Had a nice bouncy boingy sort of name. Spring. That’s it. Anyone remember when we used to have spring? Or did I just dream it? I have certainly picked the wrong two days to be taking the District line into town in the evening. Yesterday was slow, but today was painfully slow, grinding through the open-air bits until we got to Earl’s Court and some shade and a chance for the train to accelerate all the way up to brisk walking pace. All accompanied to the smell of a carriage full of people who’d dressed for spring and got summer…


3 responses to “Blink and you Miss It

  1. You are just in the wrong place. Spring. We have it. Fluffy Lambs. Check. Daffs. Check on stilts. Temperature. 17c. God is a Borderer. Come all ye Faithful to Scotland’s favourite short break destination. And stay longer.

  2. as long as you’re not in a caravan …

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