How Do I Hate Thee?

There were so many things to dislike about the guy on the bus this evening, it’s hard to pick out just one. There was the whole tweed-jacket-and-hooded-top ironic fashion victim combo, topped off with a Pete Docherty style pork pie hat, which should have been made illegal by now under any reasonable government. Then there was his way of interspersing words such as ‘wicked’ into his conversation which is now (surely) outlawed under the Geneva Convention as way of conveying approval of something by anyone over the age of twelve. But the thing that got me in the end, when I looked over to see if he really was the all-consuming prat he came across as – was the fact that he was talking into his mobile with his finger jammed into his free ear.

Just can’t get that picture out of my head …


5 responses to “How Do I Hate Thee?

  1. Your desciption conjures up such a vivid image. Urgh!

  2. Uurgh indeed. And I had to _see_ it …

  3. He jammed his finger into his ear, didn’t just hold the lobe closed? Yes, that’s quite filthy. He sounds nice.

  4. oink – it was definitely jammed right in the ear. There may also have been some rotation and wax-inspection but I didn’t want to watch too closely…

  5. what a cunt

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