Like a Rolling Stone

I think this poses the question: just how slowly do you have to drive for this to happen?

mossy car

And the car does actually move on occasion because we’ve been walking past it every weekend for ages and when I finally managed to have my camera with me yesterday it had gone. I was actually rather relieved. I know I should put more pictures up here, but I’m always missing great photo opportunities because I’m too slow or too embarrassed or simply don’t have my camera with me – like the sight of the guy on Saturday who decided cycling down Regent’s Street and through Oxford Circus would be a good way to teach his two young boys road sense, which meant everybody on the top deck of the bus ended up peering down at them pedalling along in front of us, wincing at every wobble.

Anyway going along and taking photographs of someone’s perfectly ordinary VW (albeit with slightly less ordinary go-slower stripes) feels as though if it isn’t actually illegal yet, is at least the sort of behaviour that gets you black-listed at American airports. But proper grown-up bloggers take photographs all the time and you can be pretty sure if they got arrested we’d have heard about it (for oh what a blog that would be) so I forced myself to saunter casually down a couple of streets to the car, nonchalantly take the pics and saunter ever so slightly less casually, but not actually breaking into a run, back home. The other half has just commented that the pictures lack contrast but I’m buggered if I’m going back there and knocking on their door to ask them to try again but with a red car instead.

However, I may mock, but I think the owner of this car could well be onto something. I don’t know how much CO2 per square inch moss can absorb but it’s got to be higher than zero. Could this be Britain’s first stab at a truly carbon neutral car? Just need a bit more surface area covered, a rainy summer and the planet could be saved without having to elect the Tories to anything.


4 responses to “Like a Rolling Stone

  1. Original Mini’s had sliding windows with felt runners which, when damp, grew moss very quickly.
    The hardware shop van, which only gets used a couple of times a week and rarely cleaned, also sees growth like this.

  2. Perhaps the car belongs to semi-legendary racing driver Stirling Moss.

  3. Our car used to have some of that along one of the window seals. You just have to park it outside all the time, and not use it very often.
    It had gone after a service one time, though.

  4. Flighty – lack of cleaning may well be the answer…
    Menace – yes, you notice that the moss is in British Racing Green
    Martin – you should get them to put it back. The planet needs it … (although the not using it very often part is probably more effective)

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