Looking on the Bright Side

Things I love about getting up at 6:15 am to go to work after a week-long holiday:

1. The daylight seeping through my curtains and the gentle hiss of the rain against the windows wakes me naturally in tune with rhythms of the day

2. Coming to my senses standing in the shower with no real memory of how I had got there or whether I had washed my hair yet or not, is a bit like being on drugs although without any of the fun parts

3. er…

Who am I kidding? There is no bright side. I got out of the house this morning and realised that a whole week of lie-ins made only more piquant by the sound of small children downstairs murdering each other had been undone by one single oh-god hundred start. And there’s four more of those before the next weekend. It is clearly not possible to stock up on sleep. All that remains is for me to find some way of buying it …


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