Steal This Book

Ah, no, just kidding – buy this book:

Don't Know a Good Thing

Why? Because it’s got a story by me in it. Of course it’s published under my real name, not Disgruntled, so you’ll have to guess which one is by me (hint: I’m not Lynne Truss) which could mean reading all of them to work it out. But that’s not too terrible a chore because they’re all good stories and all worth reading anyway.

As a special incentive, if any of you do buy the book and email me the name of the story you think is mine (and get it right) I’ll personally sign your copy thereby halving its value. No guessing from people who actually know my name though – that would be cheating. You lot can just email me instead and tell me how wonderful it is…


6 responses to “Steal This Book

  1. As I now work in a book shop I’ll have a browse during a quiet moment. If we don’t have one on the shelf I’ll order one immediately.

  2. Flighty – that would be brilliant … maybe order two in case someone buys the first one before you’ve finished reading it?

  3. I think three on reflection. One to read, one in the window and one on the shelf.

  4. yes, definitely three!

  5. The Hutton Think Tank has ordered a copy for its extensive library. Their other book is all coloured in.

  6. Hurrah! Make sure you read out the big words nice and slowly to them…

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