Breakfast of Champions

Due to a slight pre-holiday quantity surveying error in the disgruntled household, neither I nor the other half had any cereal left this morning. I’m not sure what the other half did, but I suspect it may have involved a Full English. As for myself I decided to avail myself of one of Vauxhall station’s two breakfasting opportunities.

Two? No, three, because recently a third breakfasting option has unveiled itself. Prior to its arrival there was the regular newsagent and coffee stand which offered unhealthy type breakfast pastries, and the Fair trade coffee stand with its unfeasibly complicated queuing system and its you-want-how-much-for-that? unhealthy type breakfast pastries (and something that claims to be a fat-free muffin which has got to be unhealthy just on taste grounds). The young upstart is a temporary looking stand offering healthy breakfasts called things like ‘Dr. Bircher’s Swiss Tradition’ and because of that (and the fact that it sells no coffee whatsoever) seems to have been completely shunned by the Vauxhall passenger body. Having had a closer look, despite being absolutely ravenous, I have to say I agree with them. When it comes to food the Swiss should have quit when they were ahead after inventing Toblerone. And besides I only had two quid which would have got me a small pot of yoghurt mixed with oatmeal (would that be a crunchy smoothie? or a smoothy crunchie?) whereas even at the fairtrade, organic, non-animal tested stall I could get a whole almond croissant for that and still have change for the Guardian. And even with my non-healthy breakfast I was still doing better than the guy opposite me on the train, who had a can of lager for his breakfast. Class.

Tomorrow is my blog birthday (yep, I’ve written a whole year’s worth of this drivel), but I won’t be posting because I will be all at sea. Back in a week, to fill you in with the details. Meanwhile, please chat amongst yourselves.


4 responses to “Breakfast of Champions

  1. Happy blog birthday. This has been one of my favourite favourites from the very first entry.
    So you’re going to be ‘all at sea’ this coming week. That certainly sounds interesting. Whatever it is do have a good time and a great Easter.

  2. The previous comment has an interesting use of the subjunctive

  3. Happy 1st Blog Birthday!

  4. Flighyt & Muppetlord – thanks!
    Huttonian – the comment to which you refer has been deleted. Blasted Chinese comment spam…

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