‘What is the point?’

Asked a colleague of mine as she stormed into work this morning half an hour later than usual, with a face like thunder, ‘of taking the District line down for a whole week only to make it worse?’ A good question, and one that ranks up there with ‘why am I here?’ and ‘Is this a dagger that I see before me with its handle to my hand?’ All I can surmise is that some time on Sunday evening a bunch of District line Engineers gathered to admire their freshly reassembled signals and then paused to wonder what all the leftover screws and other parts were that were lying around beside them. Before chucking them in the Thames before anybody else noticed. The end result is a black cloud hovering over the desk of any District line users who have suffered from non-appearance of Richmond trains and unexplained waits outside Gunnersbury. And as for the Silverlinkers, that hardened band, one of them had to get a taxi into work on Tuesday – surely the sign of a complete breakdown in a public transport system – and the other one had his wife ring up about three hours after he’d left home to see if he’d arrived yet, only to find that he hadn’t. Of course there could be other reasons for that …

All pertinent matters, and ones I would be raising with Bob Thorogood if only the email he helpfully sent me to warn me about the District line closures hadn’t had a return address that went something like ‘donotreply@sodoff.commuters.com’


2 responses to “‘What is the point?’

  1. So pleased that ‘s it’s not just the staff that Bob ignores, that makes me feel a hole lot better.

  2. Does he exist them? The name seems too good to be true …

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