The Urban Cyclist’s Checklist

Bike … check

Stout lock … check

Lights … check

Gloves … check

Scary yellow jacket … check

Nerves of steel … check

Wet wipes … wet wipes?

Yes, wet wipes. Especially if you are the owner of this bike, which was parked next to mine in the tunnel this morning.


I don’t know what was in the little pot – my guess was barbeque sauce, the other half guessed yoghurt, either way I wasn’t going close enough to find out – but whatever it was, the resulting stain is going to be extremely embarrassing in any colour. I suppose as a consolation the bike does at least still have a saddle (and both its wheels, pedals and handlebars) but even so, without wet wipes you’d be wheeling the bike. Or wearing a very long shirt for the rest of the day

And as a post script I would just like to add that I showed this to the other half this evening and the response was ‘ha ha – did you do that?’ I may have given the impression recently that I was scratching around for blog material – I would like it put on record that I am not that desperate

Have a good weekend, one and all. With the exception of whoever was responsible for the above…


8 responses to “The Urban Cyclist’s Checklist

  1. Thanks as always for your daily entries which are always very readable and highly entertaining.
    Have a good weekend yourselves.

  2. You too – unless it was you?

  3. Definitely not! I don’t venture south of the river.

  4. So any sauce pots on bikes north of the river are your work then?

  5. No way!

  6. So you claim…

  7. Cross my heart and hope to….argh!

  8. Flighty – rumbled!

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