We Would Like to Apologise …

… for the late running of this blog. It is late because, in the interests of bloggy research (and possibly companionship, food, and good red wine) it has been out in the wilds of zone C (it appears nobody at TFL can count higher than six without taking their socks off) on the Metropolitan line (there’s something very strange about sitting on a tube train looking out the window at rolling Buckinghamshire countryside – as though someone were photoshopping with your head.) Anyway, it is also late because the fast southbound services were all stopping at Harrow due to signalling problems at Baker Street where other southbound services would take us south (no I don’t understand the logic either). And it’s late because at Baker street the next Bakerloo train was terminating at Waterloo and we didn’t want to wait an extra four minutes in a station where the platforms all smelled of vomit and the corridors of wee. And it’s late because it’s hard to move at speed through Waterloo when absolutely everybody in the station with the possible exception of the train drivers and the other half was drunk. And it’s late because it was Friday night and it’s now Saturday morning and it’s reached the repetitive and a bit pissed stage and it can’t think of a good way to end this entry other than trailing off in a line of dots…

Have a good weekend one and all.


6 responses to “We Would Like to Apologise …

  1. Oh ugh – why is it that Waterloo always smells of vomit? Have a good weekend.

  2. The worst bit was seeing some guy stick his foot right into a puddle of suspiciously yellowy-brown liquid before anyone could warn him not to…
    Have a good weekend yourself

  3. You’ve ventured out to my part of surburbia and beyond I see. I’m more used to being on tube trains above ground rather than below.
    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

  4. Well beyond, I would have thought. It’s not so much being above ground, as being above ground and in the country that’s disconcerting…

  5. zone C? how far do the tubes run? I thought it was just zones 1-6… Is there a tube link to Birmingham nobody told me about?

  6. Practically … It goes out to zone D which is Amersham, but there may be secret tunnels which extend further …

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